Roopam Kakoti Photography

Roopam is a photographer by passion and a geek by trade. His portraits embodies the personalities of his subjects, his landscapes- the unique and timelessness of this planet.

Roopam is willing to work under your budget and also believes in trade. If you have an event or need to capture moments with your family, please contact him through this website. You may be pleasantly surprised!


Dr Tiffani Fries, Genesis Chiropractic bio coming soon

Michael Ricks, Island Studios, will be providing the sound and sound equipment for the show. Thank you, Michael!



Music Sponsors

Our many thanks to the musicians who donated the licensing of their wonderful music for the show.


Brothers of the Baladi

Brothers of the Baladi, a Portland, Oregon-based band have been performing for over 30 years by adapting traditional Middle Eastern music and American sensibilities to create a new hybrid of World Music. The quartet combines traditional acoustic Middle Eastern instruments and songs with western instrumentation, exotic rhythms with familiar grooves and vocals in seven languages (Arabic, Turkish, Farsi, French, Spanish, Armenian, Berber and English) to create a unique and highly rhythmic dance music. The Brothers have been blazing World Music trails around the globe through their recordings and live shows for over three decades.  www.baladi.com


Helene Horlyck

Helene Horlyck is a uniquely creative classical-crossover artist. From being born in India to Danish parents, Helene Horlyck has packed in more globetrotting than several lifetimes, with a spirit of adventure which defines both her life philosophy and her unique vocal talent.
At the tender age of eight, she realized that when she sang, the sounds she created were very special indeed. At 18, she travelled to Los Angeles to attend the Musicians’ Institute and to pursue her dream. She discovered her vocal mentor Enrico De Luciani and began intense classical vocal training with frequent travels to Italy. Eventually, opportunity knocked for Helene in the shape of the touring giant that is ‘Bjorn Again’, and for the next eleven years, she travelled the world with this ABBA tribute/parody show, which has often been among the top-5 grossing acts in the world.
Helene began to develop her own material and in 2005 collaborated with Enigma composer and fellow ‘Viking’ Jens Gad to create the acclaimed chill-out album “Achillea- The Nine Worlds”. After another huge tour with Bjorn Again, she completed her acclaimed first solo album “A Nordic Room”-its soaring highs and heavenly crescendos combined with wistfully atmospheric ballads to stunning effect.
To date, Helene has worked with Paul Oakenfold, Basement Jaxx, Jimmy Cliff, John Tonks, Valgeir Sigurdsson, Ingo Vogelmann as well as Apollo 440. Most recently, she has coached talent from X-Factor and now the global teen phenomenon that is One Direction.
Today, Helene remains as passionate about the voice-as-instrument as ever, boldly experimenting and reaching for new heights – and what a voice it is!



Jeremiah Soto

Jeremiah Soto is an electronic musician who tweaks, re-organizes, and dissects World music to make it palatable to his own ears. His musical project Solace is most known for writing Belly Dance music and non-categorical electronica. He has released 11 CDs under his label Eventide Music Productions and doesn’t plan on stopping. Jeremiah’s music has been licensed for movies, TV, video games and countless Belly Dance DVDs and Videos. He is also classically trained in Arabic Percussion and has taught and performed throughout North America, Europe, Australia and South America. His love for electronic music is growing and he plans to produce more infused with World elements, so stay tuned for more.


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