Shelley Irish Dance Company joins the cast of Bring Your Gifts

I am very excited to announce that the Shelley Irish Dance Company will be performing in Bring Your Gifts! The Shelley Irish Dance Company brings to life the lyrical beauty, exciting rhythms, and vitality of traditional and contemporary Irish dance made popular by the world renowned show Riverdance.  Dancers from the Shelley Irish Dance Company have performed at large corporate and theater events including:  O.C. Tanner, Meleuluca Inc., Boston Scientific, ForeverGreen, Hibernian Siamsa, Utah Jazz, Miss Provo Pageant, Eccles Theater in Logan, Provo Covey Center for the Arts, Rose Wagner Theater in SLC, and The Scera Center for the Arts in Orem.  Today, the company is comprised of some of the finest Championship Irish step dancers in the state.  For more information:

On a personal note, I took a class from their fearless leader, Tina Shelley, several years ago, and loved it! It was a blast! So if you are looking for Irish dance classes, definitely go check out her classes.

Tickets for Bring Your Gifts are available for purchase at