Thank you, Genesis Chiropractic

A very heartfelt thanks to Dr Tiffany Fries of Genesis Chiropractic for becoming the first sponsor of Bring Your Gifts! As a personal note, I found Dr Fries this year, and have been so happy with her care. I’ve been to my share of chiropractors, and can say that Dr Fries is outstanding. For the first time in years I feel like my neck is actually healing, instead of just maintaining. Her adjustments are effective yet gentle, and she employs other therapy methods as well to hasten your healing (love that muscle stim!).  Dr Fries is a friend to her patients, taking an interest in your life and what is important to you. More holistic than many other chiropractors, she looks at all aspects of your life and health in order to help you feel better. Her office staff and assistants are friendly and knowledgeable, and there is even an in-house massage therapist you can schedule with. Please check out her website, and get on the road to better health. Thank you again, Dr Fries!